Fraud Alert Management Service

Guaranty Bank is looking out for your best interest by integrating a Fraud Alert Management Service to monitor your debit card transactions.  This is an automated call system that will call you from 866-374-6975 if we suspect any unusual activity associated with your debit card.  Please answer this call to verify the transaction is legitimate or fraudulent.  If our Fraud Service does not reach you, we will temporarily deactivate your debit card.   


The phone call will proceed as follows:

  • The caller will identify themselves as being from Guaranty Bank Fraud Service Center. 
  • You will be asked to identify yourself as the cardholder.
  • If you, the cardholder are available, the system verifies your identity by prompting entry of the last four digits of your social security number or tax identification number.  If you are uncomfortable keying in the last four digits of you social security number, you may choose other self-verification options.
  • If you, the cardholder are unavailable, a message will be left providing the appropriate toll-free number asking you to return our call. 

We would like to recommend that you enter 866-374-6975 in your cell phone contacts as GBT Fraud Alert Service.  In the case that you receive a call from us, you will know who it is and answer the call.  It is important that we have current phone numbers for you.  If you have a new cell number or if you are unsure if we have your current phone number on file, please take a minute and give us a call to verify that we do.  It is for your protection that we contact you as soon as possible if we suspect anything unusual on your account.



Lost or Stolen Cards
Emergency Debit and Credit Card Telephone Numbers


Lost or Stolen Credit Card

If your Guaranty Bank credit card is lost or stolen, please call 1-800-423-7503.


Lost or Stolen Debit Card

During banking hours, report a lost or stolen ATM/VISA Debit card by calling your local Guaranty Bank branch. After business hours and on holidays, please call 1-800-500-1044. You will need to contact your branch to order a new card.


 Batesville      662-563-5436
 Belzoni  662-247-1454
 Cleveland  662-843-6000
 Greenville  662-332-8991
 Hernando  662-449-1630
 Hollandale  662-827-2236
 Indianola  662-887-2721
 Senatobia  662-301-1630
 Vicksburg  601-661-6322